On 26.04.2016 08:32, David Kupka wrote:
On 22/04/16 12:48, Martin Basti wrote:

On 20.04.2016 17:49, Martin Basti wrote:

It requires my patch 441.2
Patches attached.

Rebased patches attached, 441 has been pushed


Thanks for patch set. Works for me, ACK.

* c5686295f14c955d34d9598ddb80b30cb9df663c Always set hostname
* 30f3d198d0dcac32deb1c129a1bf406e70b57774 Remove deprecated hostname restoration from Fedora18
* d3ac5125ce2b22cf87dbcd98a6eaf71e0f288440 Remove unused hostname variables
* 5e10b2eed29f845e079288c4aa9c8f59967d6dcc Log errors from backup_and_replace hostname to logger * 813aab1b8e4026e10056677b2fc98fc4faa56ddb Tasks: raise NotImplementedError for not implemented methods

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