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On 04/26/2016 12:28 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:

see <http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Thin_Client> for initial design of
the Thin client feature. The API compatibility part of the design is
work in progress (by me), as is the client side caching part (by David).

Big thanks to David for actually writing most of the text in the design

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


1. "IPA client can send metadata fingerprint with request."
When the client will send the metadata and when it won't? It will for
all 4.4+ servers? And won't for the legacy ones?


2. How the client will determine #1? Will it use ipa ping in the very
first request and then use this version of metadata until version(legacy
server) or metadata fingerprint changes? Which will trigger download of
metadata in next request?

The first thing the client has to do is to download the metadata. If it's an old server, this will fail. At this point the client knows it can't send the fingerprint to the server.

3. I don't much understand:
To avoid breaking users' scripts the client MUST use the oldest version
of command available by default. User CAN change the default behavior to
use the latest available version instead of the oldest and CAN specify
per command override.

This paragraph is no longer up to date, as of 15 minutes ago :-)

What is the oldest command available? E.g. I have a 4.4 server and 4.5
client. Is it 4.4 or some older, legacy one? If I have 4.5 server and
4.4 client is it 4.4 with available override to use 4.5 given that the
client knows new version of command from metadata?

The current idea is that the client will use the newest command version available at build time by default. This way nothing depending on a particular client behavior will break as long as the client is not upgraded. Users will be able to explicitly specify which command version to use. When talking to an older server which does not have the requested command version, the request will fail with an error informing the user about the highest command version available.

Jan Cholasta

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