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I often miss proper reproducer and other important info in trac tickets. Asking for the missing info or guessing and trying is as ineffective as it sounds and costs us a lot of time and effort. I believe we can improve that.

We have guidelines for reporting a bug [1] but it obviously isn't enough. I propose to prefill track ticket's description with following (or similar) template and be strict on refusing (i.e. closing as invalid) tickets that are incomplete.

Any thoughts, suggestions, agreement or disagreement?

[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/Troubleshooting#Reporting_bugs

--8<------------- trac-ticket-template-proposal ------------------->8--
Related SW versions:
On server:
$ rpm -q freeipa-server pki-base 389-ds-base bind samba krb5-server certmonger
On client:
$ rpm -q freeipa-client krb5-workstation certmonger

How often the issue occurs or what special condition is required to be met.

Always / Happened X times of Y tries / Only at noon 29th February when it's also Thursday / Only on Raspberry Pi

Steps to reproduce:
Precise description of all related steps you have done. List of commands to run is the best form.

# ipa-server-install -a Secret123 -p Secret123 -r EXAMPLE.TEST -U
# echo Secret123 | kinit admin

Actual result:
Description of behavior you have observed (error, unexpected warning, ...).

kinit: Client 'ad...@example.test' not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials

Expected result:
Description of behavior you have expected.

TGT for admin user is acquired.

David Kupka

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