On 05/03/2016 04:41 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

Gabe Alford wrote:

Thank you for your patch as well.

 >-            doc=_('Reason for revoking the certificate (0-10)'),
 >+            doc=_('Reason for revoking the certificate (0-10). See
RFC 5280 (paragraph 5.3.1) for reason details'),

Rather than just specifying the RFC with the paragraph to go look up,
can you either add the revocation options or say something like:

+            doc=_('Reason for revoking the certificate (0-10). See
\'ipa help cert\' for revocation reason details.'),

IMO, it is a little annoying to go look up revocation reasons when those
reasons can either be added to the help output or exist already in `ipa
help cert`.

FTR I added it to the top level help because the reasons are used in multiple places and didn't want to duplicate them, and adding them to a specific option help would overload it big time IMHO.


Hi everyone
thanks for your valuable comments. I fully agree that it is not recommended to duplicate this information. So as Rob suggested, I should avoid to add this information to cert_revoke option and thus I plan to modify the help message as follow:

doc=_('Reason for revoking the certificate (0-10). Type "ipa help cert" for reason details'),

Do you agree with that modification? Thanks in advance and regards


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