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Related SW versions:
On server:
$ rpm -q freeipa-server pki-base 389-ds-base bind samba krb5-server

I think this is a good idea.  However, we are on Debian/family as
well now, and I think we want to accept bugs that come from these
users as well.

FreeIPA is heavily patched on debian and has quite old version there

The better would be recommend to reproduce with upstream version

(FreeIPA 4.1.4 is available on Debian, but your point still stands.)

In summary: I don't like that upstream is conflated with fedora/CentOS.
Of course I understand that this was done to ease development and not
out of malice.  But longer term I would like Debian/Ubuntu FreeIPA to be
less of an afterthought because I believe we can attract users to our
product.  I believe this to be especially true with working
freeipa-client on those distros, which we now have and I am very happy
I think you miss context here. There was huge amount of work done in
last couple months to get FreeIPA 4.3 running on Ubuntu and Debian. It
made to Ubuntu 16.04. It didn't make to Debian proper yet for a single
reason: FreeIPA tarball ships with a minified JS code for parts of the
web UI framework which is against some of Debian policies and therefore
FreeIPA is blocked from entering Debian.

There are people like Timo Aaltonen who work on the Debian/Ubuntu
support but they cannot do everything on their own. JS code issue is
unique to Debian so ideally someone would need to contribute fixes that
are right from Debian point of view but nobody did it so far. You are

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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