The time rules for FreeIPA effort is now to be found on Github. I forked FreeIPA and SSSD repos and added the current state of work there.


Please note that if I'll be making changes to the code it will be done through rebasing so you may not necessarily be always able to easily pull the repository.

I also updated the design so that I may present the current state of the effort to SSSD developers. The SSSD code is almost finished - some more tests may be necessary and I still need to do python bindings. Also, as the pam_hbac module seems to aim for portability, I will need to discuss the system of getting time zone information on various systems but the current solution should work just fine on Red Hat-like and Debian-like distributions.

In the meantime, I published quite a patch for python-icalendar that should make it a bit stricter parser but also improve some of its behavior: https://github.com/collective/icalendar/pull/192.


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