On 29.04.2016 13:56, Martin Basti wrote:

On 26.04.2016 20:11, Petr Spacek wrote:

DNS: Fix upgrade - master to forward zone transformation

This happens when upgrading from IPA <= 4.0 to versions 4.3+.

DNS caching might cause false positive in code which replaces master zone
with forward zone. This will effectivelly delete the master zone
without adding a replacement forward zone.

Solution is to use skip_overlap_check option for dnsforwardzone_add command
so zone existence check is skipped and the upgrade can proceed.



Pushed to:
master: 475547fa40f6244ce838b8ce30e77cf32ee250be
ipa-4-3: 4a270fc878fb0e036821066c34b41e93e258c4b4

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