On 11.5.2016 15:04, Fraser Tweedale wrote:
On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 01:31:36PM +0200, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 11.5.2016 11:22, Fraser Tweedale wrote:

Re: Bug 1327092 - URI details missing and OCSP-URI details are
incorrectly displayed when certificate generated using IPA.

This issue occurs when replica installation overwrites the existing
IPA version of the caIPAserviceCert profile with the version shipped
with Dogtag.  My patch 0057 prevents the issue from occuring but
does not repair installations where the problem already happened.

For repair, one possibility is to detect when this has occured, and
re-import the IPA version of the profile.  IMO this would be quite
brittle, e.g. if the profile shipped with Dogtag changes or if user
has made other changes to the profile it may no longer work.

I propose to add a new option to ``ipa certprofile-mod`` which can
be used to restore profiles shipped with IPA to a "pristine" state.
This would allow admins of affected installations to run a single
command to repair the profile, but I think it is an independently
useful feature, e.g. if admin messes up a profile but didn't keep a
backup of the original config, they can easily get back to the
original state.

The new option would only be applicable to included profiles (error
otherwise).  I suggest it be called ``--reset``.  Example usage:

   ipa certprofile-mod caIPAserviceCert --reset

All comments welcome!


Honza, thanks for your feedback.

1) This is a separate operation, so it should be a separate command.

certprofile-mod already supports updating the Dogtag profile
configuration, via `--file <FILE>` option.  However, we cannot use
that with /usr/share/ipa/profiles/* because these are templates that
have installation-specific values substituted into them.
Consequently, your suggestion at (3) is not feasible.  The need to
do the template substitutions is what led me to this proposal.

I stand corrected.

2) I don't think it is generally a good idea to have a command which relies
on some file being existent or having expected content on all replicas.

The operation would only need to be performed on a single replica
(Dogtag profiles are stored in LDAP and replicated), so there is no
such reliance.

Sure, but how are you going to guarantee the command is executed on a replica with the right version of the file? The short answer is that you can't, but an API command should do the same thing no matter what replica you are talking to.

3) I would rather avoid adding new commands just to work around bugs. IMO
"certprofile-import caIPAserviceCert
/usr/share/ipa/profiles/caIPAserviceCert.cfg" should be good enough in this

As discussed above, I'm afraid it is not, unless users manually do
the substitutions.  If we provide some code to do the substitutions,
we have essentially reach what I have proposed.

Other suggestions are welcome.

BTW, there is another option I did not already mention: do nothing
in code, and help users on a case-by-case basis / point them to a
guide / KB article?

This option is my favorite :-) (If automatic fix during upgrade is indeed out of the picture.)

Jan Cholasta

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