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== How to Use ==
<!--Target audience: testers, documentation writers, system integrators,
solution architects, other developers,... -->
Easy to follow instructions how to use the new feature according to the
[[#Use_Cases|use cases]] described above. FreeIPA user needs to be able
to follow the steps and demonstrate the new features.

The chapter may be divided in sub-sections per [[#Use_Cases|Use Case]].

Why this change?

The section was not filled in 46% of design pages in 4.4 release.

The section was always indented to help contributors, other than
developers with deep knowledge of FreeIPA internals, to understand how
the new feature is intended to be used when it is developed.

The name implied content similar to a test plan. My assumption is that
it is one of the reasons why it was not filled.

I also intend to add a comment with target audience to each section.

Comments welcome!
Petr Vobornik

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