On 20.05.2016 10:26, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 19.5.2016 14:47, Martin Basti wrote:
On 19.05.2016 14:26, Petr Spacek wrote:

pylint: replace Refactor category with individual check names

This eases enabling/disabling individual tests like cyclic-import.

I like this patch but, NACK

************* Module ipalib.config
ipalib/config.py:260: [R0204(redefined-variable-type), Env.__setitem__]
Redefinition of value type from int to ipapython.dn.DN)
ipalib/config.py:458: [R0102(simplifiable-if-statement), Env._bootstrap] The
if statement can be replaced with 'var = bool(test)')
************* Module ipalib.messages
ipalib/messages.py:90: [R0204(redefined-variable-type),
process_message_arguments] Redefinition of obj.strerror type from unicode to 
************* Module ipalib.plugable
ipalib/plugable.py:569: [R0204(redefined-variable-type), API.import_plugins]
Redefinition of modules type from generator to list)
************* Module ipalib.rpc
ipalib/rpc.py:609: [R0101(too-many-nested-blocks),
KerbTransport.single_request] Too many nested blocks (6/5))
ipalib/rpc.py:753: [R0204(redefined-variable-type), RPCClient.get_url_list]
Redefinition of answers type from dns.resolver.Answer to list)

tested with pylint-1.5.5-1.fc24.noarch
Here it is.


Pushed to master: 6e4b749b59ebae82c613fe799dda7cb21dc080cd

I'm looking forward to enabling any of that checks :)

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