On 23.05.2016 16:24, Florence Blanc-Renaud wrote:
Hi all,

as I am ramping up with git, I have a few questions. Let's imagine the following development workflow:

- I start working on a specific issue and decide to create a branch on my git repository (on my laptop)
git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/freeipa.git
git branch -b issue
- When my code looks ok, I decide to commit on the branch (still on my ldaptop)
git add <file>
git commit

I found handy also 'git add -p' which allows you to choose what commit

- Now I would like to push this on my development VM (I already cloned the repos on the VM). What would be the right command to push only the branch "issue" to my VM repo? Does the following command push only the current branch?
git push --repo=ssh://frenaud@<VM IP@>:/path/to/src/freeipa

Could work, I usually just rsync the whole folder to VM

- When the tests are ok and I want to submit a patch, can I stay on the branch "issue" to create the patch or should I merge first with the main branch? If a merge is required, is it recommended to pull then merge or merge then pull?

You can stay on your issue branch, but patch should be rebased to current master (patch should apply on top of master)

something like:

git checkout master
git pull
git check issue
git rebase master issue

or interactive rebase if you want change order of patches or something
git rebase -i master issue

Thanks for your tips,
Florence Blanc-Renaud
Identity Management Team, Red Hat

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