On 09.05.2016 13:06, Martin Basti wrote:

On 09.05.2016 13:04, Martin Basti wrote:

On 09.05.2016 12:19, Peter Lacko wrote:
+# pylint: disable=unicode-builtin
I'm not doing complete review, just the line above hit my eyes.

unicode() is not in Py3 because all strings there are unicode, thus you cannot use it directly, you need something like

if six.PY2:
    str = unicode

and use str() everywhere and remove that #pylint line

FYI all enabled pylint checks are there for a good reason, be careful with disabling it (mainly disabling it for a whole module) rather ask before if you are not sure.


Nope, sorry, I temporarily forgot how to python

instead of pylint disable use this
if six.PY3:
     unicode =str
and keep unicode there. Sorry


it is 3 weeks since last message, any updates?

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