Typo - redundant ' ' at the end.

Conditional NACK, warnings mentioned in
are not there.

I'm open to changing this to ACK if you open a separate ticket for this
omission so we do not forget to add them later on.
I forgot to add, this will be in next batch of patches (you may see that there are not marked DNS servers in output of location show), I do not see reason to open ticket when the current one is not finished.



Patch 480:

1) The code in location_show.execute() looks like it could be moved to

I had to add it to execute because I modifies result entry not just entry_attrs

2) Before calling super().output_for_cli(), pop 'servers' from result, so that
it is not displayed with --all.


Patch 481:

1) Could we rename --force to --nonempty (or something better)? I would like to reserve --force for "ignore NotFound when deleting the entry", which is not
the case here.

IMHO option is unnecessary. Just delete the location (and unset location from
all member servers). The design does not contain --force anyway :-)

OK, that's even better :-)


Updated patches attached

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