In DS it is possible to register callbacks for extended op.
   For https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3062.txt (password modify extop),
   there is a default callback that is implemented in DS core server.
   Freeipa enables a plugin 'cn=ipa_pwd_extop,cn=plugins,cn=config'
   that also register a callback ipapwd_extop/ipapwd_chpwop, for that
   same extop.

   The server calls the callbacks until it can find one that can handle
   the OID. But the order is not guaranty.
   So the extop can be handled either by password_extop or either by

   Those two functions are not doing the same checking/updates.

   I would like to confirm if in Freeipa context, if only
   ipapwd_extop/ipapwd_chpwop should be called


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