On 06.06.2016 10:00, Oleg Fayans wrote:
Hi Petr,

I've updated the testplan according to your notes. What should we do
with this testcase about abort-clean-ruv? I mean, it would be quite
complicated to reliably automate. Should we leave the testcase anyway
with a note that the stem may fail if the command is not issued fast

It might be enough to just put some broken RUV there by using ldapmodify during test provision.

* edited subject

On 05/31/2016 06:36 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 05/23/2016 09:23 AM, Oleg Fayans wrote:
Hi Petr,

The test plan is updated.

is it possible to number test cases? It is hard to refer to them without
copying the full name.

1. first test case: `ipa host-find` will show the host entry, but cert
will be revoked and kerb key removed

2. "Test case: server_del API call is executed at ipa-server-install
--uninstall on the replica under domain "
In dom. lvl 1(after step 3), checks/output from first test case should
apply here + server should be uninstalled.

3. *-ruv subcommands of ipa-replica-manage are extended to handle
CA-specific RUVs

I'll assume that '97' is just an example. It might be different.

It is possible that step 3 will fail - it's racy.

4. Last test case with the "autogenerated" placeholder is not much
important - so only if you have nothing more important to do.

Web UI will get interactive add of segments + some other improvements in
a topology graph but I don't know if it can be tested easily.

On 05/19/2016 12:54 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 05/19/2016 12:38 PM, Oleg Fayans wrote:
Hi all,

I've created the first versio of the testplan for Topology Management
feature in 4.4 release:

Could someone please review it?

I'll mention what are the important parts.

1. In the 3 scenarios, the most important one is testing the
`ipa-server-install --uninstall`. There it is more important to check
whether it did the same as `ipa-csreplica-manage del`,
`ipa-replica-manage del` and `ipa-server-install --uninstall` procedure.
Which means removal of master entry, DNS records, Kerberos keys,
revocation of certificates... Checking RUVs is not the critical part.

2. I miss test for move of `ipa-replica-manage set-renewal-master` to API
Isn't it more related to the server roles feature? Will it be one of the
ipa server* commands?

3. test of new `ipa server-del` method

when these three are done then I'd focus on RUVs

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