On Tue, 07 Jun 2016, thierry bordaz wrote:
Well here we have IPA password extop that receives a 'compat' entry. This compat entry does not exist except in slapi-nis that can do the mapping to the real entry. What I was thinking of was some kind of call from IPA password extop to slapi-nis that for a given entry DN return the real entryDN. But the tranformation of the extop('compat') -> extop('real') would be done in IPA password extop
no, just look at slapi-nis code to see how we rewrite DN of the request.
You'd need to do a similar trick.

Thanks for the pointer. What differs is that slapi-nis is doing the mapping in an operation (here bind) preop. But with extop there is no preop call. Mapping looks to be done in backend_locate, my understanding is that we need to find a way to call something like backend_locate from extop and it can not be done with an internal search because slapi-nis ignores them.
May be it is time to add pre/post operations for extop? Granted, they
are not going to be useful for most cases but this would solve our
problem, right?
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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