The subject of provisioning was discussed
   https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-devel/2016-May/msg00065.html. The
   documentation of the provisioning procedure is still going on but
   reviewing it I have a doubt about RetroCL/Content_Sync.

   Provisioning will be done with high recommendations/constraints:

     * The provisioned instance should not be accessed by ldap client
       during provisioning.
     * The IPA deployment should contain only one server (the one used
       for provisioning) in order to prevent replication latency

   During provisioning, disabling RetroCL/Content_Sync gives a ~10%
   improvements (reducing the #ADD).

   The drawback of disabling RetroCL/Content_Sync is that the
   provisioned instance will not be able to send provisioned entries
   through syncRepl.
   Now considering that the provisioned instance is unique in the
   topology and will do full init of replicas, I think SyncRepl is
   useless and then we can disable RetroCL/Content_Sync during

   Anyone is seeing a problem if those plugins are disabled during
   provisioning ?


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