On 28.06.2016 10:51, Florence Blanc-Renaud wrote:
On 06/27/2016 10:18 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Florence Blanc-Renaud wrote:
Hi all,

thanks for your suggestions. Updated patch attached.

The invocation in ipactl should say server, not client.

Otherwise LGTM (untested).


Hi all,

thanks to Rob for catching the typo.
Patch with updated message is attached,

Thank you for the patch I have two comments:

+    except Exception:
+ # Consider that the host is not fips-enabled if the file does not exist
+        pass

exceptions should be as much specific as possible, otherwise it may mask real issues please use 'except IOError' if you want catch the case that file does not exist

in replicainstall.py and install.py please raise exception (RuntimeError) instead of sys.exit() to keep proper logging, cleanup, etc.

Sys.exit() should not be used in modules, it is hard to debug etc. It can be used only in scripts (ipa-client-install, ipa-replica-manage, etc..)

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