On 28.06.2016 12:12, David Kupka wrote:
On 27/06/16 11:48, Petr Spacek wrote:

DNS: Fix tests for realm domains integration with DNS zone add

We forgot to update tests after change in


It should go to master, 4-3, and 4-2 as well (as the original change).

idnsforwarders needs to be changed on both occurrences. Fixed patch attached. Petr^2 approved the change. Attached version works as expected and the test is green again, ACK.

Pushed to:
master: bf91c0f938502fdd9ac6490d0781788ec99a868b
ipa-4-3: ae3b905ecb5fe3c1e2b46aeee9ed66fa03337f9b
ipa-4-2: 864cc6994b2b4abc775be88864b706e6386be3f2

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