In fact, I believe /etc/hosts file should not be touched at all.
Hostname resolution is usually governed by the DNS system of the lab in
which tests are running. We do not modify it when perform tests
manually, so I'd rather remove this method at all.

On 06/29/2016 06:27 PM, Lenka Doudova wrote:
> Hi all,
> a function 'fix_etc_hosts' in ipatests/test_integration/
> produces incorrect /etc/hosts file (solitary IPv6 address), and
> currently parser is not able to resolve the issue, causing
> ipa-server-install to fail with 'list index out of range' error.
> Hence I'm attaching patch to fix this issue before parser is fixed
> (related ticket to it #6014). The fix is just change of regexs
> responsible for creating incorrect file so that all the lines containing
> defined hostname are removed, not just specific IP/hostname/shortname
> strings.
> Lenka

Oleg Fayans
Quality Engineer
FreeIPA team

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