On 07/06/2016 07:01 PM, Sumit Bose wrote:

although enterprise principals for trusted domains now are working as
expected they do not work for the local domain:

    # kinit -E admin@IPA.DEVEL
    kinit: Client 'admin\@IPA.DEVEL@IPA.DEVEL' not found in Kerberos database 
while getting initial credentials

Attached patch handles this case. It is not that nice because of the
duplication of ipadb_fetch_principals() and ipadb_find_principal(). But
I think there was a reason I do not remember why we didn't check for
enterprise principals before checking the local database. If there is no
such reason it might make sense to check for enterprise principals
before doing the lookup. Please let me know if I should change the patch
accordingly or if the current version is ok,


Code looks ok to me and the patch fixes the issue, so ACK.

Martin^3 Babinsky

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