On 18.7.2016 18:50, Florence Blanc-Renaud wrote:
On 07/15/2016 04:29 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
ipa-ca-install said that it used
but in fact it used

This patch unites it to ipaserver-ca-install.log

It was chosen because ipa-ca-install can be also used on
master on CA-less -> CA conversion.

Term "server" is valid for both master and replica.


Looks good to me.

Does not look so good to me, "ipareplica-ca-install.log" is in fact the original file name used since ipa-ca-install was introduced (in commit 8a32bb3746802a29b2655e4ad2cbbba8481e1eaf), so why the switch to "ipaserver-ca-install.log"?


Jan Cholasta

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