On 18.7.2016 12:06, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 07/16/2016 12:50 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

I had some time and was blocked by these bugs to do my tickets so I
actually fixed these three problems that are assigned to Martin
Babinsky. Hopefully, Martin wouldn't be offended by that. :)

Note that this fix (patch 0211) has potential for a break but also
introduces a correct behavior in my view as we should not really have
non-lower cased keys in LDAP dictionaries in entry_to_dict() for both
normal and --raw modes.

----- 0211

Since commit a8dd7aa337f25abd938a582d0fcba51d3b356410 if IPA command
is called with --raw option, a retrieved LDAP entry's attribute
names aren't normalized to lower case when converting the entry
to a dictionary. This breaks overall assumption that dictionary
keys are in lower case.

Partially fixes 'ipa trust-add --raw' issues.


----- 0212

Make sure we display raw values for 'trust-add --raw' case.


Hi Alexander,

I am CC'ing Jan since I hope he knows why
a8dd7aa337f25abd938a582d0fcba51d3b356410 was implemented in this way. I
think there was a reason behind this decision and we should not revert
it without further discussion.

I think it was just because with --raw, the raw LDAP entry should be returned, letter case and all. I don't really care if the names are lowercased or not, but you should never assume anything about raw results in your code anyway, so I think the revert would be pointless. There were a few bugs with --raw unrelated to letter case in the past and most of the offending code was fixed, the same should be done here IMO.

I had the fix for trust-add ready on Friday but was unable to test it
properly because of some issues with my VMs. I am attaching it for
reference, since it is similar to your patch 212 but relies on
attrs_list passed in to LDAP search in order to fetch lowercased

Jan Cholasta

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