can you please check if TCs for basic test looks good for 

TC 1 - default values (50:50)

- ipa-server-install + replica
- add two location 
- mod SRV record (ipa server-mod) to master - location1 | replica - location2
- check by 'dig' (dig @$FIRST_IPA_DNS_SERVER _kerberos._udp.$PRIMARYDNSDOMAIN 

output: both servers/location listed 

TC 2 - set up service weight

- another replica in location1
- ipa server-mod server1 --service-weight=75 location1
- ipa server-mod server2 --service-weight=25 location1
- check traffic

output: trafic divided into 1:4

TC 3 - used location server go offline

- ipactl stop on location1

output : switch to another location

TC 4 (negative)

- try to add non-existant server to location
:: can't be added
- wrong dns setup 
:: non location in dig output

Pavel Picka
Red Hat Brno

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