Hello list,

question from users led me to reading about host-add-managedby. While doing so
I found out procedure listed on
and I wonder if it is correct or not. I think it needs update.

- In step 3 "create a host entry for the client" I would omit --force option
as this option should not be promoted at all.

- More interestingly, step 4 "set the client host to be managed by the server"
seems totally weird.
Why managedby from client should be pointing to a server? I do not think it is
necessary at all. Remove the step completely?

- Steps 5 & 7: sssd.conf and krb5.conf should not be pointing to one IPA
server but rather use server auto-discovery.

- AFAIK step 11 "set up a host certificate for the host in IdM" is obsolete as
we do not do this by default anymore. I would remove the step.

Any opinions?

As a side-note, help text for host-add-managedby is totally insufficient
because it does not explain purpose of the command:
> # ipa help host-add-managedby
> Usage: ipa [global-options] host-add-managedby HOSTNAME [options]
> Add hosts that can manage this host.
> Options:
>   --hosts=STR   hosts to add

is a little bit more verbose but contains an invalid example. The delegation
was done to client2 but keytab used in the example was for server...

I would fix the example + add some explanation to the help command. With this
I need help from someone because I'm not even sure what is the correct 

Should the 'manager' be able to retrieve keytab for host/ only? Or of any
service running on that host? What about certificates?

All this should be clarified somewhere in the help text.

Thank you for your attention :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

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