On 08.08.2016 09:34, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
When SSSD resolves AD users on behalf of slapi-nis, it can accept any
user identifier, including user principal name (UPN) which may be
different than the canonical user name which SSSD returns.

As result, the entry created by slapi-nis will be using canonical user
name but the filter for search will refer to the original (aliased)
name. The search will not match the newly created entry.

The issue is fixed  in slapi-nis-0.56.1 by returning two values for
'uid' attribute: the canonical one and the aliased one. This way the
search will match.

Standard LDAP schema allows multiple values for 'uid' attribute. We
actually use the same trick for 'cn' attribute in the groups map



should we bump requires to slapi-nis-0.56.1 in freeipa.spec?

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