On 08.08.2016 16:09, Christian Heimes wrote:
I have split up patch 0032 into two smaller patches. This patch only
addresses the server.keys file.

Custodia's server.keys file contain the private RSA keys for encrypting
and signing Custodia messages. The file was created with permission 644
and is only secured by permission 700 of the directory
/etc/ipa/custodia. The installer and upgrader ensure that the file
has 600.


Pylint is running, please wait ...
************* Module ipapython.secrets.kem
ipapython/secrets/kem.py:147: [E0602(undefined-variable), newServerKeys] Undefined variable 'os') ipapython/secrets/kem.py:148: [E0602(undefined-variable), newServerKeys] Undefined variable 'os')
************* Module ipaserver.install.custodiainstance
ipaserver/install/custodiainstance.py:77: [E0602(undefined-variable), CustodiaInstance.upgrade_instance] Undefined variable 'stat')

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