Attached are trust-related patches.

0207 is a pre-requisite. I did send it before, it is re-formatting of
the ipaserver/dcerpc.py to be close to PEP8 requirements.

0218 is an automated trust topology conflict resolver for DNS namespace
conflicts. Read the commit message for details, and also comments in the
code. With this patch FreeIPA becomes more smart than Windows Server
which doesn't have automated trust topology conflict resolution. ;)

0219 fixes issue of topology details leaking through external trust. The
problem is only in presentation as we store more data than needed -- it
is impossible to cross external trust boundary anyway as it is handled
by AD DC side, but one important consequence is that we need to store
UPN suffixes before we start storing information about child domains.
Again, read the commit message.

These patches also are on top of my previously sent patches 0215-0216.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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