On 12.08.2016 20:00, Petr Spacek wrote:

this is the last patch necessary to get all test_xmlrpc/test_dns_plugin tests
to pass! (I hope :-)

     Tests: fix test_forward_zones in test_xmlrpc/test_dns_plugin

     Class test_forward_zones in ipatests/test_xmlrpc/test_dns_plugin
     was using DNS zone 'fwzone2.test.' and expected to get warning
     'Forwarding policy conflicts with some automatic empty zones.'
     (aka 'DNSForwardPolicyConflictWithEmptyZone').

     This does not make sense because 'test.' zone is not listed in IANA 
     'Locally-Served DNS Zones':


     To fix this I simply removed the warning from set of expected results.



                raise AssertionError(
>                   VALUE % (doc, expected, got, stack)
E                   AssertionError: assert_deepequal: expected != got.
E 0014: dnsforwardzone_add: Create forward zone u'fwzone2.test.' with forwarders with default ("first") policy
E                     expected = <function <lambda> at 0x7f76f1225500>
E got = u"query 'fwzone2.test. SOA': The DNS operation timed out after 10.0012469292 seconds"
E                     path = (u'messages', 0, u'data', u'error')

I don't think that this will work, you must use function to check list, not list containing lambda functions

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