The issue is not that the error message contains the "no such entry" string. That is actually a valid part of the error message if the service indeed does not exist.

The problem is that the error message contained only the first character of the service's name instead of the entire name of the service. For example, the command

ipa caacl-add-service test_caacl --services svc/master2.ipa.test --services 

should end with these error messages if those services do not exist:

    member service: svc/master2.ipa.t...@ipa.test: no such entry
    member service: svc/master1.ipa.t...@ipa.test: no such entry

There is also a typo in the file name of the test and I'm also not sure if 
there isn't a better place to put the test.

On 08/18/2016 01:48 PM, Ganna Kaihorodova wrote:

Test for caacl-add-service: incorrect error message when service does not exists

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Tomas Krizek

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