On 22.7.2016 07:18, Fraser Tweedale wrote:
While I was poking around SAN-processing code, I decided to
implement a small enhancement: allowing the subject principal's DN
to appear in SAN.


Patch depends on my other patches 0090, 0092, 0093, 0094.

I don't think this is how DN SANs are supposed to be handled. For example, see this bit about DN name constraints in RFC 5280 section

   Restrictions of the form directoryName MUST be applied to the subject
   field in the certificate (when the certificate includes a non-empty
   subject field) and to any names of type directoryName in the
   subjectAltName extension.

It would appear to me that DN SANs only provide additional values to the subject name of the certificate and thus should be treated the same way as the subject name.

We don't impose any restrictions on subject names with regard to DN of the subject LDAP entry, so I think we should not do it for DN SANs as well. Or, alternatively, we should do it for both.


Jan Cholasta

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