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All this is consequence of nonsensical defaults in ipalib.constants module. I 
would say that this needs to be fixed in a systematic way and not by scattering 
ifs around.

IMHO we need to drop nonsensical defaults form ipalib.constants module and 
handle missing values in API initialization. We should throw out exception if 
API cannot be initialized because of missing values (and/or failing 
auto-detection, depending on parameters in constructor) instead of scattering 
ifs around.

For example:
Right now the only way to trigger server auto-selection using DNS SRV record is 
to delete server= definition from default.conf. Of course, it is broken and it 
tries localhost first and fallbacks to auto-detected server after that, but it 
works somehow. If we scatter ifs around it will break in some other interesting 

I'm still waiting for branching ipa-4-4. After that I can send my patch which 
removes some of crazy defaults from ipalib.constants.

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