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Hi all,

Attached patch fixes https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/6221.
It depends on Honza's PR #20


It does help to attach the patch :)

I think it would be better to call cert-find once per host-del/service-del
with the --host/--service option specified. That way you'll get all
certificates for the given host/service at once.


I agree that is a nicer approach.

'revoke_certs' is called from several other places besides just
host/service_del.  If we want to land this fix Real Soon I'd suggest
we either:

A) Define function 'revoke_certs_from_cert_find', call it from
host/service_del, and leave 'revoke_certs' alone; or

B) Land the patch as-is and do a bigger refactor at a later time.

What do you think?

Updated patch attached; comments inline.

C) Use cert-find-based revoke_certs() everywhere; use the --certificate
option of cert-find in the other places to get information about specific

As discussed on IRC, I have implemented this option.  The caveat is
that for host/service-mod, we incur call to cert_find for each
removed certificate.

It's worth noting that A) and B) suffer from the same caveat.

Updated patch for option (A) is attached.

1) Instead of

        if result['status'] in {'REVOKED', 'REVOKED_EXPIRED'}:


        if result['revoked']:



+        if 'cacn' not in cert:
+            # cert is known to Dogtag, but CA appears to have been
+            # deleted.  We cannot revoke this cert via IPA anymore.
+            # We could go directly to Dogtag to revoke it, but the
+            # issuer's cert should have been revoked so never mind.
+            continue

Or, it could be a cert issued by a 3rd party CA.

I updated to comment to include this.

3) host-mod/service-mod do not revoke certs:

$ ipa cert-request test.csr --principal host/test.example.com
  Serial number: 13

$ ipa cert-show 13
  Revoked: False
  Owner host: test.example.com

$ ipa host-mod test.example.com --certificate=

$ ipa cert-show 13
  Revoked: False

Nice find.  This was a pre-existing bug: nothing gets revoked when
all certs are removed.  Here is the fix:

    -        if certs and self.api.Command.ca_is_enabled()['result']:
    +        ca_is_enabled = self.api.Command.ca_is_enabled()['result']
    +        if 'usercertificate' in options and ca_is_enabled:
                 ... revocation code

OK. Since it is a different bug, it should be fixed in a separate patch and have a separate ticket.

Finally, host/service-remove-cert does not revoke the cert because
of (I think) a bug in cert-find.  If the cert does not exist on a
host/service the cert-find cannot find it with --certificate option.
Because host/service-remove-cert uses a post_callback to revoke the
cert, cert-find doesn't find it thus no revocation occurs.

Honza could you check whether this is indeed a bug/limitation of
cert-find or is it the smog in Saigon affecting me?

It's a bug - FTFY, <https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/64>.

Functional ACK. Full ACK once my fix is merged and the host/service-mod is split off into a separate patch.

Jan Cholasta

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