Hi Alberto,

On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Alberto Ruiz Ruiz wrote:
Hello Alexander,

So, I've been assigned with a new team/project just this week (related to
hardware enablement/support), I'll still manage Fleet Commander but this
means I won't have time to be involved in the implementation.

I will be delegating the discussion between you and Oliver Gutierrez,
Oliver is spending a few weeks in Brno, so I'm expecting he will catch up a
bit on Fleet Commander with Fabiano.

As I was the sole maintainer of the client daemon so I'll still be around
for questions and small changes, if only until I find someone to assign to
it within the bigger team.

I would expect Oliver would go ahead and start testing your test plugin
right away.
Got it. Let's discuss on IRC (freenode, #freeipa or #sssd) whenever you
guys would have time any issues you'll encounter.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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