URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/101
Title: #101: Improved vault-show error message

mbasti-rh commented:
NACK: you fixed only vault-show not other vault-* commands

NACK: I don't like the override of execute method (it should work for all 
vault-* commands automatically)

Is possible to override method handle_not_found of vault object? IMO which 
vault type is used can be determined by DN suffix (maybe it deserves a new 
method vault_type_from_DN()).

NACK: This is pure evil, pls keep better readability (use if-elif-else instead)
            if options.get('service'):
                container_type = 'service'
                container_type = 'shared' if options.get('shared') else 'user'


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