URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/134
Title: #134: DNS URI support

mbasti-rh commented:
I was able to add an invalid URI record
[root@vm-058-017 ~]# ipa dnsrecord-add test.zone. --uri-rec='0 0 trolo"lo'
Record name: test2
  Record name: test2
  URI record: 0 0 "trolo"lo"

[root@vm-058-017 ~]# dig +short test2.test.zone. URI
[root@vm-058-017 ~]# 

journalctl output
failed to parse RR entry:  resource record DN 
'idnsname=test2,idnsname=test.zone.,cn=dns,dc=blabla' data '0 0 "trolo"lo"': 
extra input text

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