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Title: #139: WebUI: Vault Management

mbasti-rh commented:
I created shared vault, but I cannot see it in 'Shared Vaults', it is show only 
in 'My Vaults'
i.e. it was created ad user vault according CLI

'My Vaults' I expected that it will show all vaults created by me, but it is 
not true, it shows only my user vaults. Can we set name to more explicit, like 
'My User Vaults' or is it too much and only I'm dumb?

I broke it, I cannot add vault, adder dialog just show and instantly disappears

Steps to reproduce:
a. click on add vault
b. click on vault user, mark empty line (dont click)
c. press ESC (dialog should disappear)
d. click on add Vault again, it should not work
e. dialog suddenly shows when you click on My Vaults

No errors in browser console. What could cause this?

Can you please add tests for this?

5) Nitpick
If you add vault from Service vault, then predefined value should be service 
vault in adder dialog.
Same for shared vault

Missing 'type' column in my vaults

For symmetric vault, there is 'salt' shown in CLI, and I can change this in 
CLI. IMO this should be supported in webUI too

For asymetric vault, public key is show in CLI, and user can also change this 
public key, IMO this should work in webUI too.

I would like to see big fat warning in adder dialog that content of 'standard' 
vaults can be seen by users with higher privileges (admins). This is the reason 
why we set symmetric vault as default in CLI. But because in webUI the standard 
vault is the only one vault that can be added, we should inform users to use 
rather CLI and create symmetric vault

* IMO we should add this warning into CLI too

Vaultconfig-show shows transport certificate, should we shown this in webUI as 


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