Dear FreeIPA developers and packagers,

you can find first version of the Build system refactoring design document on:

If you do not care about implementation details, please be so kind and quickly
scan through chapter

I'm not an FreeIPA packager so I might miss some important thing which needs
to be configurable.

Also, I would appreciate ideas how to handle build versioning:

My main questions are:
* What is triggering IPA upgrade?
* Would it be sufficient to bump release in RPM? (I mean - theoretically.
Could the code be modified to detect this?)

Here I'm trying to avoid unnecessary rebuilds caused by changes to
IPA_VENDOR_VERSION during each build.

Timo, what can I do to help you with packaging for Ubuntu/Debian?

Dream big, even wild ideas are welcome!

Petr^2 Spacek

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