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On 11.10.2016 09:00, Jan Cholasta wrote:

On 7.10.2016 11:56, Petr Spacek wrote:
Dear FreeIPA developers and packagers,

you can find first version of the Build system refactoring design document on:

If you do not care about implementation details, please be so kind and quickly
scan through chapter

I'm not an FreeIPA packager so I might miss some important thing which needs
to be configurable.

1) There should be a --with-python switch to select the version of Python to
use in our command line tools and/or during build. The default would be
"python", i.e. the default Python interpreter found in the path.

Okay. Can we pick some descriptive name?


I think that it would be confusing if we had just
--with-python=/path/to/python.binary is enough. We have the same in
Samba where a secondary build against another python interpreter is
regulated with '--extra-python' pointing to the Python's executable.

Besides that, I would make --with-default-python to accept either "2" or "3"
(and thus use path specified by --with-python? option).
I don't think we need --with-default-python=2|3 at all. Once you have a
Python binary, you can discover the flavor in the code:
$ python -c 'import sys; print sys.version_info.major'

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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