Hello FreeIPA developers,

looking at freeipa-users mailing list, a lot of questions could be answered by
just quick glance to the docs.

I wonder if we should add links HTML version of docs on access.redhat.com to
the messages generated by the code.

If we really want, we can make these platform-specific, but I would not even
bother with it. Fedora & CentOS & RHEL users end up on the very same page,
only the way how then find it is different (mailing list vs. Google vs. paid


a) Installation without DNS could end up with message like this:
Do not forget to finish post-installation steps listed on

b) Failed connection check could print link to

c) Failed DNS check could mention link

d) Failed attempt to find AD DC could print a link to:


What do you think about this?

Petr^2 Spacek

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