URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/171
Title: #171: Build system cleanup phase 2

lslebodn commented:
> Please note that current client-only build is quite broken and requires heavy 
> machinery in downstream spec file so it is hard to speak about any reusage.
That's the problem of ugly downstream spec file.

This is a pure upstream discussion and how to make at least part of freeIPA 
more portable rather then closing doors for other platforms/distributions 
without systemd. There are still people on debian which does not use systemd 
and want to use sssd and ipa-client. The current patch-set would not create 
more portable client code. It would would just make it much harder and would 
require more downstream patches which is not very upstream friendly approach.

@pspacek, it would be good if you could comment my proposal with including 
configure snippets from subdirectories. `m4_include` works like a magic and if 
conditions around them would make much nicer configure script.

See the full comment at 
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