URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/171
Title: #171: Build system cleanup phase 2

lslebodn commented:
On (21/10/16 00:41), Petr Špaček wrote: 
>> Correct me If I am wrong. The configure script is and will be used 
>just for detection of build dependencies for C-code.  
>Maybe this is why we do not understand each other. Autotools will orchestrate 
>the complete build including configuration of Python (and other) components. 
>This is what I meant by `Use autotools suite to orchestrate the build on the 
>top-level` in the design document. If it is confusing I'm happy to improve it, 
>just tell me what you want to see there. 

I cannot see a problem here. Design page just say that you will be able to 
optionally build and install
python2 and/or python3. And setuptools instead of distutils will manage that 
I cannot see any conflict with detecting build time dependencies for C-code 
with enabled server and without enabled server (client_only)

>This PR starts to use configure to create symlinks in ipaplatform Python 
>module and more things are comming. If you look at 
>http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Build_system_refactoring#Configuration you will 
>see that configure is going contain switches for Python components as well as 
>for Javascript components. I.e. there is nothing like C-only configure 

Design page says something else.
`./configure --without-python2  --without-python3  --without-pylint 
--without-jslint` . But I do not care about these options.

 My intention is to have a simple way how to implement 
"--enable-server/--disable-server". Merging everything to the one big configure 
script will not simplify it. It will just complicate it. And the purpose of 
refactoring is to make things simpler and easily maintainable.

See the full comment at 
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