URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/188
Title: #188: Move Python egg-info to top level directory

tiran commented:
I have changed the PR a bit

* dist and build are no longer moved
* as discussed on IRC ```freeipa.egg-info``` is now ```ipaserver.egg-info```. 
pkg_resource assumes that a egg-info directory has the same prefix as a package 
* I added a egg_info command plugin based on 
 . My variant uses the distutils API properly and corrects a bug with 
```install_egg_info``` plugin.
* ipasetup now calculates the package root path based on the path of setup.py. 
This should be enough to enable VPATH out-of-tree builds.
* By default the egg-info directories are in the top-level project dir or on 
top_builddir. For in-tree tests the egg-info directories must be in sys.path in 
order to register entry points correctly, see PR #187 

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