URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/213
Title: #213: Build system refactoring phase 3

tiran commented:
memo for me:

- [ ] /freeipa*.tar.gz is not removed
- [ ] ```MOSTLYCLEANFILES``` only cleans ipasetup.py[co] but keeps __pycache__ 
and other pyc/pyo. add ```clean-local: rm -rf *.pyc *.pyc __pycache__```
- [x]  ```Makefile.python.am``` clean-local has ```-delete``` and ```-exec```. 
AFAIK only one action is supported.
- [ ] neither clean nor distclean removes  ```/dist``` and ```/rpmbuild```
- [x] autoconf and automake files are not removed (Makefile.in, /config.sub ...)
- [x] add ```ipasetup.py``` to ```dist_noinst_SCRIPTS``` ?

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