URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/241
Title: #241: Port ipapython.dnssec.odsmgr to xml.etree

tiran commented:
client/ipa-client-automount also used ```lxml.etree```. I replaced the 
implementation with simpler ```xml.etree``` based code.

$ find . \( -type f -and -executable \) -or -name '*.py' | xargs grep lxml
./ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py:To parse the XML documents we use the Python lxml 
package which is a Python
./ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py:for many projects. One of the features in lxml 
and libxml2 that is particularly
./ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py:namespaces. The regular expression name space 
identifier is 're:' In lxml we
./ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py:from lxml import etree
./ipaserver/install/ipa_otptoken_import.py:from lxml import etree

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