URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/139
Title: #139: WebUI: Vault Management

mbasti-rh commented:

view My User Vaults/Add vault
There is no marked radio button and all fields are shown which are mutual 
exclusive. A one option from radio group should be marked. It is doing fancy 
things when no radiobutton is marked and you fill other fields and press add.

Vault config view shows only one server, not list of all KRA servers installed

I'm quite puzzled wit behavior `User Vaults` and `My User Vaults` executes 
following commands
User Vaults:  vault-find --users --pkey-only
My Users Vaults: vault-find

So how does it actually works? What `My User Vault` do then? I would expect a 
filter in that command and users flag.  Also why in one case was called command 
with --pkey-only and not in second time?

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