URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/177
Title: #177: Add options to write lightweight CA cert or chain to file

tomaskrizek commented:
Please update the xmlrpc tests to reflect the extra certificate attributes (~12 
failed tests in `test_xmlrpc/test_ca_plugin.py`, `test_caacl_plugin.py` and 

There are also a couple tests failing with ACIError:

ACIError: Insufficient access: Principal 'srv/santest-host-1...' is not 
permitted to use CA 'default-profile-subca' with profile 'caIPAserviceCert' for 
certificate issuance.

I also found the `--certificate-out` option a bit confusing. At first I thought 
I should provide the certificate name to be exported. Perhaps the help text 
could be improved to make it clear the used should provide a file name?

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