URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/182
Title: #182: Use env var IPA_CONFDIR to get confdir for 'cli' context

rcritten commented:
I don't see this as a convenience method. I'd find it less likely to use 
directly with the ipa tool (though having to specify -e <some_long_thing> every 
time I used a command get old pretty quickly.

From a library perspective it is going to call api.bootstrap(options). Sure one 
can pass the config file location through that but then EVERY SINGLE app using 
IPA is going to have to create an option to allow that, creating disparate 
means of doing so, when IPA can more simply accept an environment variable, 
like many other libraries do. 

If you want to change the location of krb5.conf what do you do? Right, set an 
environment variable. In fact, IPA leverages this. Treat ipalib the same way, 
giving lots of rope, and let people utilize that power (or hang themselves).

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