URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/281
Title: #281: Accept server host names resolvable only using /etc/hosts

pspacek commented:
This entierly depens on configuration. Imagine following imaginary company 
- public part of DNS tree is `example.com.`
- private part of DNS tree is `corp.`
- resolv.conf contains `corp` in search list

Now an admin is going to install IPA instance for publicly available services 
at server `srv1.ipa.example.com.`.  The name `srv1.ipa.example.com.` is not 
resolvable as --setup-dns option is used. Now, the `dns` module invoked by NSS 
will try to lookup `srv1.ipa.example.com.`. It might (depending on 
configuration) fallback to `srv1.ipa.example.com.corp.` which may accidentally 
exist (as an IPA server for company internal purposes).

This is purely hypotetical, I'm just trying to show that the code is subtly 

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