URL: https://github.com/freeipa/bind-dyndb-ldap/pull/1
Title: #1: Port bind-dyndb-ldap to BIND 9.11

pspacek commented:
Pushed to master:

2649ef1da1cbfc1203337665c4e589e1fe75f04b BIND 9.11: Remove #if blocks for older 
BIND versions.
8178f3cf856829c081a663a2e3f4d77ecc2db6b1 BIND 9.11: Add wrapper for new DB API 
method nodefullname.
da9bc9b157a5ddc9a70147bf8df94e2bebb05c07 BIND 9.11: Port to new dyndb API.
08da3390cfc0985abdc0f791115f0f595e915df6 BIND 9.11: use new public header 
isc/errno.h instead of private isc/errno2result.h
4424cc349142dc7501eabaf352cf2ce59c34d7cb Fix error handling in 
syncrepl_update() to avoid hung mctx.
c3bfe1a62ac4f8a73207bf4e80d64a4a3a58d9e4 Remove obsolete options: cache_ttl, 
psearch, serial_autoincrement, zone_refresh.
e7cb75353d1b8fec6f063e4edaf5ead5b784e10d Use ISC configuration parser for dyndb 
7c8d8e553932ad1ce05d6fb8b4e845d4fdf7d6c2 Print configuration grammar when a 
configuration error is detected.
189c1850582bac964877764e7f0828d083a1d384 Migrate README to Markdown syntax: 
create README.md

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